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Posted on: 10 February 2016   Tags: Pintrest/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Social Media/Marketing Basics   Posted in: [Marketing Basics]

Not long ago, Social Media was new and different; it was for the ‘early adopters’ but now most main streamers are on board. Social Media is another great avenue to explore to grow your customer base & engage with potential customers.

So how do you know which platform to start in? Well, you first have to ask yourself a few questions.

Where do your potential clients ‘hang-out’? What are the demographics of your target audience?

If they are trending to middle age: Facebook or Twitter might now be a great platform to use, if they are trending younger then looking at Instagram might work best; if predominately women: then you might want to consider Pinterest. Although these are very broad sweeping statements, you do have to figure out the content you have to ‘talk about’ and who the likely user is on the other end receiving your information & responding. You want to create content that connects & engages.


Before you start engaging with Social Media strategy, you do want to think about your time and capacity to regularly be active in this new marketing channel. If you don’t think you can be active regularly (whatever that looks like to you: daily or at a min weekly – to keep people coming back). Then you might want to re-think if this is the right tactic for your business and the frequency of the content you want to get out there might too dictate the channel you choose to use.

You also want to think about what do you want people to do in response to your outreach? Is gathering ‘likes’, re-tweets or re-pins enough or do you want people to engage & connect with you through conversation? Do you have regular promotions that you want to offer? Or do you have frequent events that you want to get out there.

Can you share your story through images? Or Videos? If so then here are some worthy marketing objectives where new media tactics that can excel through Social Media:

• Do you want to spread your content and expertise to new audiences?

• Do you want to involve your customers and prospects in co-creation?

• Do you want to reach new audiences in the exact way they choose to communicate?

• Do you want ways to aggregate and filter content so you and your people can digest it?

• Do you want to be seen as a trusted source of information?


One of the hardest challenges for many people just entering the world of social media is to determine how to accomplish the seemingly endless list of new tasks that they have to complete. Participating fully in social media as a business and marketing strategy requires discipline, and a daily commitment. And also realize that that much of your activity is about building relationships, brand awareness and deeper networks that often don’t help the sales today but do help long-term.

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