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Posted on: 06 October 2015   Tags: Ontario/Toronto/Improving Sales Pipeline/Nurture Leads/Managing Leads/Marketing Automation   Posted in: [Marketing Basics]

I had just recently put a proposal together for a Toronto Start-Up company looking to get their most out of lead generation with few resources.

We had talked about creating a marketing automation platform.  They had a lot of lead but not enough resources to personally follow up & nurture the leads. To initiate the leads around their products and services. They wanted to automate much of their communication so that when sales was able to reach out to the clients, the clients understood their product & services, many of the common objections were addressed and the benefits & value points of their solution were presented in a meaningful way.

Here are the steps I walked them through to implement Marketing Automation:

1.      Buying Cycle & Segment Needs Assessment

o   This is used to understand who your customers are, the pain points in purchasing the product or service, what customers need to know, need to understand, the steps they need to go through before purchasing

2.   Content Roadmap/Workflow by Segment is Created

o   A workflow is created by campaign/by segment 

o   A message matrix is created for every email….timing, rules, dynamic content fields, subject line, key message, content, CTA 

o   Progressive profiling matrix, since the contact info they needed was quite extensive - you would never be able to collect all the contact info in one swoop

4.      Create Lead Scoring Plan

o   A matrix that maps out points accumulated or deleted around behaviours presented, maps out when a lead should get passed to sales, when leads should rest etc

5.      Define Reporting & Analytics

o   A matrix created around what you want to report on, data needed to pull reports and what reports you would need to automate so that you can track, measure & analyze campaigns as you go, learn & tweak above after learning’s.

Every plan is different depending upon complexities of your business and how complicated / simple it is to purchase your product or service.

Let us help you nurture the leads you have and take some of the heavy lifting away from your sales team. Provide them with leads that have already been qualified and are ready to purchase your products or services.

Contact us to find out more.

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