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Marketing and Lead Generation

Connecting your products with your customers

Marketing and Lead Generation 

Are you putting your website to work for you?

Did you know that your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. It makes it easy for people to find you and helps establish your credibility.

Legacy Ridge is a consulting firm creating marketing strategies to help gain new market share or protect your existing market share for small and mid-sized companies. We provide clear direction of how to position and grow your market offering; find your competitive edge. We use a broad base of experience to analyze problems and provide insightful solutions and tools to achieve your goals.

We offer 3 Services under Marketing and Lead Generation:

  • Website Development
  • Brand Development
  • Database Marketing / CRM / Lead Generation


Website Development

How does your website rank on Google? Do you need help bringing it up to a state that your customers would expect from you? Google search is one of the absolutely most effective ways to get in front of your prospects, so a great deal of care should be put into making sure your website is search-engine friendly and represents who you are and what you sell.

At Legacy Ridge we provide mobile friendly web designs that are elegant, contemporary and professional. We create sites that support your brand and fulfil your business needs. We create a site where user friendly functionality is top of mind. We test for compatibility with multiple operating systems, screen resolutions, download speeds, and more importantly, usability.

One of the key elements of a successful site is offering the right content. We offer professional writers that will produce content for your site; content that answers what your potential client’s most basic questions are and debunk some of the common sales objectives that get in the way to making that sale. We will look at your value drivers, market differentiators and ensure you have a strong message that delivers on your brand & connects to your potential clients/customers.

What you can expect from us is:

  • That your website is aligned to your brand promise
  • That we follow best practices and standards
  • That your content will be optimized for search engine results
  • That your website is ready for all mobile devices

Your website is the most cost effective way to manage leads. We will work hard for you in polishing your digital identity.


Brand Development

Brand development is about delivering a consistent image that outshines your competition.

A brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers." Your brand identity is the representation of your company's reputation through the conveyance of attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions. Great brands are easy to recognize, their mission is clear.

Good brand work means educating your customers on the value of your brand, and how it solves their problems. It means clearly communicated brand attributes, and why your company is unique.

We take your brand positioning and translate it into your marketing efforts

  • What is this effort expected to accomplish
  • Who is going to buy it?
  • What are we selling?
  • Why would they buy it?
  • Why would they not buy it?
  • Who are we talking to?
  • How are we going to reach them?

The basic intent is to paint a clear picture of what your brand stands for and how you want it perceived by your customers and talk to them in the channels in which they would prefer to hear from you.

Legacy Ridge will work with you to create a roadmap that maximizes your brand’s potential.


Database marketing / CRM / Lead Generation

Crunching data and tracking leads is a core to today’s marketing strategy. Database marketing is a systematic approach to the gathering, consolidation, and processing of consumer/client data (both for customers and potential customers) that is maintained in a company's databases. Building a base of engaged leads and prospects is key to growing your business and automating your marketing efforts to improve response & nurture leads.

At Legacyridge we are able to assist our clients in improving their customer relationship management (CRM) program results through better use of customer data, or assessing which tool is best suited around your business needs. As a business owner there is nothing more important than the customer and their interaction with your product or service. Database marketing is at the core of all customer relationship management (CRM) and Marketing Automation (MA) efforts. The success lies in choosing the right customer & servicing them through the channels that are appropriate to the customer opportunity that are financially sustainable.

The more people you have in your database, the more opportunities you have to nurture leads toward a sale. Marketing Automation helps with the nurturing; it will enable you to create messages that will do the heavy lifting for sales. It will take some of the pressure off your pipeline, so that when a lead is ready for your sales team, they have been educated enough through your MA campaigns, that the closing should ultimately be easier.

If you strengthen your lead generation activity and tap into your database; you set yourself up to learn more about how you interact with clients & prospects. The magic happens when you are able to identify your best prospects, prioritize those prospects based on growth, profitability & potential; develop a MA program, creating value & relevance with the right message at the right time to improve return on investment (ROI). All along your database of contacts and behaioral or transactional data grows.

You will learn:

  • How to connect to your data; understand demographics/ firmographics and customer behavior
  • How to divide your customer / prospect base (segment it); create profiles. Define market, value proposition & needs of segments
  • Connect data to insight; find your best potential prospects.
  • Optimizing / automating marketing efforts; aiding in planning & resource allocation
  • Connect insight to action; Use day to day analytics to direct campaign decisions & drive immediate results

Trying to figure out how to work smarter; leverage the information you have on your prospects and clients; grow and nurture your leads and ultimately improve your ROI? Let us help you.

How can we help you with your business? Let us define the best strategy for your business goals.