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Posted on: 30 October 2015   Tags: Marketing Your Products Or Services/Business Basics   Posted in: [Business Basics]

In my years helping smaller businesses I find that one of the easiest ways to an increase in business is helping a customer through the decision making process; making their path to purchase easy for them. 


Much of marketing is about choosing the right language that connects with your audience and tells them immediately what your products or services are all about. I am working with a client currently who currently has very exciting service names, the problem is, when potential customers spend time n their site, they have no idea what services they offer. They have to do a lot of clicking & reading before they can ascertain what the services are. In my opinion they make it too difficult for a customer & although they truly believed they were trying to make things interesting & stand out from their competition, at times that’s exactly where they might have sent some of their potential clients. You do want to use descriptive language when picking names of products and services; ones that help tell the client what you are all about; a name that is more self-explanatory than not. This helps clients through the decision making process quicker, and to the check out faster. If they can understand what you have to offer simply, without a lot of reading, it helps.


Where to start, I always try to put myself in the mind of my customer. What is there basic knowledge level, what types of questions might they have, what terms might they use to describe my products & services. Using familiar language that will resonate with 80% of your audience is a safe place to start. Perhaps do a bit of research around common language used outside your specific industry. How do your customers talk about your products and service? This does not mean you can’t educate, just start with familiar terms to get them in the door, then when you have their attention – go for it.


I always remind people that you typically have 3 seconds to win someone over on your website….that is why it is so important to place key information out front and use a language that most of your customers will connect to.

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