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Business Consulting

Focusing effort to give you the greatest returns

Business Consulting-Helping Owners succeed

Legacy Ridge is a consulting firm creating business strategies to help accelerate growth, improve productivity and build organizational capabilities for small and mid-sized companies. Every business needs a plan; our goal is to help business owners succeed. We will map out the best possible direction and prioritize efforts to provide you with the greatest returns. We use a broad base of experience to analyze problems and provide insightful solutions.

We offer 2 Services under Business Consulting:

  • Business Development
  • Business Strategy

Business Development

Not all customers are created equal, nor do they create equal value

Success lies in choosing the right customer & servicing them through the channels that are appropriate to the customer opportunity that are financially sustainable.

Prioritize the right customers based on growth, profitability & potential; understanding customer needs - creating value & relevance with the right message at the right time to improve loyalty and in return improve ROI (return on your investments).

What can be expected:

  • Define objectives and common business definitions for your industry
  • Mine customer data for opportunities – connecting data; data to insights & insights into actions
  • Create segments of customers (Build a foundation of understanding for target audience)
  • Understand natural value drivers and apply learning's to marketing campaigns
  • Optimize channel access to deliver experiences relative to customer value and profitability
  • Develop relevant and consistent messages to appropriate targets in a language that resonates with each segment.

It’s not only about what you sell but who you should sell to that matters.  Find out who your best customers and what makes them your best, and more importantly who are your worst and why you would consider not marketing to them.


Business Strategy

Every business needs a plan: a strategy that give you the steps needed to realize your organizations vision & mission, to meet or exceed the goals set and give you the steps needed around how you are going to implement the plan, within the period of time you have set to accomplish this. In reality many businesses don't have time to sit down, plan and strategize, to step out of the weeds, look around - this is where we come in.

We at Legacy will help your business stay on course, we will assess your current market position, identify what you want / need to achieve and decide how to make that a reality.

We will build the strategy that will align to the company vision and, deliver on the results you are after.

We will facilitate your business through the strategic planning process and work with you to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

You will be provided with

  • Analysis of your current situation
  • Definition of your objectives
  • Action plan to reach your goals
  • Measurables and tools to ensure you stay on track - on plan

We will address your priorities, identify your goals and challenges. You will be left with a practical, actionable, measureable implementation plan that will deliver the results you are looking for.


How can we help you with your business? Let us define the best strategy for your business goals.